2014 Yearbook


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IMS Merlin Award Competitions
Bangkok, Thailand 2014

Very special thanks to
IMS President for Thailand
for organizing the 
2014 Thailand Competitions.
The magic community
owes him a big thanks.

List of Winners of the Bangkok, Thailand Competitions 2014
Merlin Award Grand Prix Winner -Ji Hye Jun (Korea)
Stage Magic category
1st Place, Patch Magic Dance (Thailand)
2nd Place, Smart Magic (Thailand)
3rd Place, Kim Ju Hyun (Korea)
Close-Up Magic category
1st Place, Zhida Zhong (China)
2nd Place, Nikko D'lite (Philippines)
3rd Place, Karan Chauhan (India)
Best Junior Magician category
1st Place, Fusion (Thailand)
2nd Place, Imagine (Thailand)
3rd Place, Kevin Bautista (Philippines)
Best Teen Magic Thailand - Hugo
Best Young Magician Thailand - Fusion
Best Young Manipulator Thailand - Imagine





IMS Merlin Award Competitions
Athens, Greece 2014
List of Winners of the Greece Competitions 2014
Stage Magic category
1st Place, Martino
2nd Place, Tristan
3rd Place, Miltos Tsavalos
Close-Up Magic category
1st Place, Perseus Akromanis
2nd Place, Funtastico
3rd Place, Papajim
Most Original category
1st Place, Takel
2nd Place, Joker
3rd Place, Harrismatic




IMS Merlin Award Competitions
Bulgaria 2014
IMS Merlin Awards
Croatia 2014
Merlin Award Winners 2014