The Magic Academy is the crown jewel of the International Magicians Society.


This is where magicians study and get their Doctor of Magic Degree.


The Board of Directors have agreed to make the studies from the Magic Academy available as a 50-volume DVD set, where magicians can study in their own home in their own space at their own pace.


Then they can take a test and be eligible to receive their Doctor of Magic Degree.


The 50-Volume Magic Academy Home Study Course includes everything in magic from A to Z.



It covers every aspect, such as card magic, coin magic, rope magic, silk magic, paper magic, black art, stage hypnotism, mentalism, dove magic, manipulations, pickpocketing, comedy magic, topit work, sleeving, stage grand illusions, levitations & suspensions, gambling secrets, linking rings, and more.


The Magic Academy 50-Volume DVD Set is $3,000 USD.


And it includes a lifetime membership to the International Magicians Society, as well as the examiner’s fee for grading the test for the Doctor of Magic Examination.


IMS members get a 50% discount.

Members price: $1,500 USD.