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4 of these videos will teach you some of the most exciting magic that you can do. The 5th video is the MAGIC HALL OF FAME. We spent over $100,000 USD to purchase the old films from magic collectors. We spent an additional $20,000 USD to chemically treat and preserve these old brittle films. Then we digitized it, so that we can provide a free copy to the members of IMS. On this video, you will see the greatest masters who ever lived in the world of magic, including Houdini, Kellar, Thurston, Okito, David Devante, The Great Nikola, Dante, Rosini, Fu Man Chu, Dunninger, Kalanag, Blackstone Sr., Horace Goldin, Milbourne Christopher, Cardini, Russell Swan, Kuda Bux, Levante, Robert Harbin, Sorcar, Fred Caps, and Richiardi. This one video is priceless. You cannot buy it, unless you are a member of IMS and then it's free.


Talking about priceless videos, the free Legends of Magic video is also priceless. But you get it free. On this video, master magicians, the legends will teach you some of the most amazing magic. Just click on the video box and see the kind of magic you will learn.


On the Mental Magic video, Mr. Hassini will teach you secrets of mental magic. You will learn how to magically predict future events, cause metal keys and spoons to bend seemingly with the power of your mind, and be able to tell your audience what objects they are thinking about. As well, you can do the famous newspaper prediction.