The Merlin Award  
Merlin Award

The Merlin Award to magic is what the Oscar is to the movies, what the Emmy is for television, and what the Tony is for theater.

Some of the winners of the Merlin Award are:

Harry Blackstone
Doug Henning
Channing Pollack
Siegfried & Roy
Penn & Teller
David Copperfield
Criss Angel
Lu Chen
Luis de Matos

There are three ways a magician can receive the Merlin Award. One is to attend our Merlin Award banquet dinner; this is by invitation only, after the recipient was voted to receive the Merlin Award.

Two is to participate and win a Merlin Award competition in different countries, which is organized by IMS with the event and convention organizers.

And three is for us to travel to the magician’s country and present the Merlin Award to them in their own country.

The Merlin Award is presented to those magicians who have acheived the highest level in their craft, both on the national and international stage.

The criteria that the voting members consider are talent, showmanship, originality, skills, and above all the rare ability to entertain under any conditions.

The Merlin Award statue was commitioned to over 100 art students nationwide. The winning design was carved and created in 1968 by young New York University art student Carol Michaud.

Click here for the list of recipients.

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