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Magic has often been called the second oldest profession in the world.


With a rich recorded history dating back over 5000 years, magic continues to transform and evolve, having taken many forms over the millennium.


The magicians were known as magi, shamans, medicine men, and advisers to Kings and Rulers. They were also the first healers and scientists.


Magic creates mystery.  It challenges the human mind. And it permits new and innovative ways to see the world around us.


Magic has the unparalleled ability to allow us all to recapture that sense of childlike wonder we had as children.


Great performances of magic always increase man’s respect for the wonders of life.


The art of magic is visual. It has no boundaries. It transcends all cultures, languages, and demographics.


Whereas a dancer embraces his choreography, a painter masters shape and color, and a composer will study music theory, the magician’s discipline uses psychology and understanding of the human experience. Magic is the art of manipulating the mind.


As a social tool, magic has no equal. When a child learns a simple trick, he not only learned the secret, he learns what seems to be impossible has a simple solution to it.  He also discovers the power that comes with the ability to fool their parents, teachers, and adults around them. With this realization comes a fantastic sense of confidence and self-identity. This newly acquired recognition of self often translates into the elevation of the child’s social relationship with the world around him.


Often, this magic-born self-confidence continues into adulthood, where it becomes a valuable tool in business and all forms of life that require social elegance and strength.


As they’re learning the art and craft of magic, they’re developing the skills to understand psychology, public speaking, hand-eye coordination, and how to think outside the box. Before long, they begin to look at the world with a new and fresh perspective.


For all of the reasons above, the International Magicians Society created their magic courses, which the IMS provides free-of-charge to public educational institutions, such as public schools, colleges, universities, and sometimes to the military.


The International Magicians Society provides free-of-charge the following magic courses to public schools, colleges, and universities.


Course 1: Magic With Science

This is a complete course teaching children the secrets of magic tricks and explaining them how they work scientifically.


Course 2: Magic With Mathematics

This is a complete course teaching students magic using mathematics and numbers.  Even for students who do not like math, this course makes learning mathematics fun and interesting.


Course 3: Magic With Psychology

This is a complete course teaching magic utilizing human psychology and controlling the outcome of situations.  This course is fascinating, because it analyzes the magic of the mind.


To qualify to receive these courses free-of-charge, you will have to be employed by an accredited educational system, such as publics schools, colleges, and universities.


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