Honorary Doctorate Degree 

The International Magicians Society’s Magic Academy was established in 1968, over a half century ago, to provide a platform for magicians to develop their craft and earn their masters degrees and doctorate degrees in magic.

Over time, the Magic Academy has presented honorary doctorate degrees to non-magicians who have made outstanding contributions in their own fields. This global recognition is for those entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, politicians, and people from all walks of life.

Together with the honorary doctorate degree, the Merlin Award is presented to these outstanding individuals to recognize their achievements and their contributions.

The Merlin Award is a statement of solidarity and a foundation needed to achieve visions and missions of successful top global leaders. It is an award to be reckoned with, for it belongs only in the hands of true leaders who will guide themselves towards the finishing line and beyond. More importantly, the honorary doctorate degree with the Merlin Award is seen as synonymous to the mark of excellence and distinction in the business community. There are neither winners nor losers in our award recognition ceremony – only the best people and organizations that the International Magicians Society’s Magic Academy recognizes each year.

Quite often, the word “magic” has been used outside of the world of magic. Some of the common examples are Disney corporation’s Magic Kingdom theme park, George Lucas’ Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic, and products that can be found in store shelves, like Magic Chef and Instant Magic perfumes. How about phrases like “magical moments”, “magical holidays”, “magical nights”, and “it’s got to be magic”?

There are many books using the word “magic” in their titles, such as the all-time best-selling book “The Magic of Believing”, by Claude Bristol.

The real magic happens with people, through their hard work, persistence, and dedication, that they touch the lives of so many others.

It is for this reason that we recognize non-magicians with the honorary doctorate degree, along with the Merlin Award.