"One Day At A Time."


by Tony Hassini


As much as I tried to plan for the future and learn from the past, there are days when things do not work as well as I planned. Then I begin soul-searching, having doubts, and wondering 'what if.' After all these years, I learned to live one day at a time. And here are some of the nice thoughts that helped me get through.


If you treat life as defeats and victories, you will soon run out of battlefields.  So take your time, smell the flowers, and enjoy each day.


Don't ever compare yourself with anyone else. You are a unique individual and no one else can act your part. And remember, there will never be another you in a million years. You are the one and only.


Friendship is the highest form of love and admiration.  So take time out to make friends.  Who knows?  Some of these friendships will last a lifetime.  What a gift!


It's always hardest before relief arrives.

And it's always darkest before the dawn.

So hang in there.


When you are in doubt, ask God. He's always there for you.


Whenever it's possible, try to put yourself in the other person's shoes. Try to see things from the other person's point of view. Only then, with the utmost kindness, will you be able to understand.


In the art of selling, there is a common law that always prevails. If you are selling a product or services and if you knock on 100 doors, 80 of them will say no. The remaining 20 will say maybe. Then 17 drop out. And only 3 will purchase your product or services. So the next time someone says no, instead of getting sad or depressed, get happy and say "Good, I just exhausted another no. I'm getting closer to a yes."


The key to success is persistence and determination.


Here is a suggestion.  Write on a piece of paper the following words and stick them onto the mirror.  So that everytime you look into the mirror, you will read these words: "Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard for it."




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