The 4 Queens of Magic at Tony Hassini's birthday

from left to right:

Cathy Edwards, President of the International Magicians Society

Irene Larsen, President of Hollywood's Magic Castle

Jane Goodsell, President of the Society of American Magicians

Gay Blackstone, President of Blackstone Industries

 David Copperfield with Tony Hassini

at Tony Hassini's birthday

Criss Angel with Tony Hassini

at Tony Hassini's birthday

Tony Hassini with Siegfried & Roy

at The Mirage Casino

after presenting the Merlin Awards

to the Magicians of The Century

see the video below:

Haruo Shimada, Japan's greatest magician

The Great Tomsoni

and his wife Pam

Steve Zadrick

Mega Magic Show Producer

David Mendoza

One of the World's Greatest Illusion Designers and Builders

Gary Ouellet

Magic Show Producer for NBC Network

He produced all of the "World's Greatest Magic" TV specials

Andre Kole

David Copperfield's Illusion Designer

Joannie Spina

David Copperfield's Choreographer and Lead Assistant

Stan Allen

The Owner of Magic Magazine and Magic Live!

Gay Blackstone

President of the Blackstone Dynasty

Don Wayne

David Copperfield's Magic Consultant

Jay Marshall
Dean of the Society of American Magicians

Max Maven

The Greatest Mentalist of our time

Lu Chen

China's Greatest Magician

The Legendary Kirby VanBurch

Prince of Magic

This photo became known as

the Magic Mafia


From left to right:

David Mendoza, Gary Ouellet, Steve Zadrick, Tony Hassini, Andre Kole, and Kirby VanBurch

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